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Part 3

Posted by Yoga Living Center on March 20, 2014 at 1:10 PM Comments comments (1)

As I start on my homework for my new home, I’m reminded how difficult the process was at my dad’s house. From the beginning, my dad’s house felt wrong to me. I was constantly rearranging furniture, trying to make the living room work. I even switched bedrooms with my son, trying to create a more sanctuary-like space for my own. My dad paneled the dining room in dark wood and it had low hanging earthy lamps and a dark dining table. It felt like a cave and we never liked to eat in there. We usually ended up in the living room eating at the coffee table. The living room also had dark wood trim and dark wood built-in bookshelves and the walls were a very earthy gold color. I would sit down in the living room and I would feel as if I couldn’t ever get up again. I was a mess.

Because my dad would not allow me to change much in his house, Hannah provided limited improvements that would enable us to be more comfortable in the home. She also provided auspicious dates to do the work, which proved a bit difficult for me since I was desperate to make all the changes as fast as I could. In hindsight, I’m glad I spaced it out, because some of the work on my physical space turned into somewhat tortuous work on my inner emotional space.

I decided to attack my room first since I was clearly the most disgruntled inhabitant. Because I was looking for a partner (remember, it is important to be specific), Hannah had me change all my “single” items to double items, so instead of one candle, put two together; instead of a picture of one flower, have a picture with two flowers, etc. That was the easy part. The more difficult part was making room for a partner in my space, and not just a hook on the wall, but everywhere: one of the nightstands needed to be empty, a space in the closet needed to be empty. That required going through nearly every item I owned in every cabinet, bookshelf and drawer to try to make room. That was a lot of work, which required that I really detach from a lot of stuff that I didn’t really like, but didn’t want to let go of because it came from so-and-so or reminded me of a childhood sweetheart or I really would fit back into that someday. Honestly, I’m sure I could have made space in a day or two, but it took me nearly a month to make space. The amount of baggage one carries around from the past is astounding!

The very next day after I had finally finished in my room, a friend called and said she had a guy she wanted me to meet. I was totally freaked out. I was not in the least bit attracted to this guy, but OH MY GOD! The very next day?! I hadn’t even heard from that friend in months, so it was completely out of the blue. Shortly thereafter, I found a wonderful lady who worked at my son’s school and she moved in to be a nanny when I traveled. Later, her girlfriend, the amazing chef moved in and helped with my son, too, as well as doing the grocery shopping and cleaning. Within a year, my brother and I started a business together and found two business partners we adore in Orlando. Like I said before, though, specificity is key. I still don’t have a boyfriend.

Part 2

Posted by Yoga Living Center on February 12, 2014 at 2:10 PM Comments comments (1)

Although still blotchy red from the poison oak, my son and I are settling into our new home. It seemed a great time to go over Hannah’s full report on our home. She said the good news is that my new house matches me very well. I’m an East 4 person (since I was born in 1968) and my house is an East 4 house (since it was born in 1941). Yea! Don’t try to do the math; just trust Hannah. My yards and the house have a good balance of yin and yang, although the house is very close to the street (but there are landscaping cures for that!). In addition, the auspicious areas of my house are all in the right places on the property with the exception of health; however, the very large, 100-year old deodar cedar located at the back of my home cures that. My desk is in my clear thinking corner; the bathroom is in the accidents area, which allows that negative energy to flow away; even the current colors of the rooms are mostly correct, although they are all a bit dated for my taste. She noted that I would need to get rid of all the clutter in the entryway. What clutter? All my bags, coats and stuff are not just random clutter! Humph. I was surprised, because the last time I went through this process there wasn’t a single supported aspect of my life in my dad’s house.

I’ll discuss that process a bit more since this house matches me so well and I have little to do. There was one major disconnect. Hannah looked at my expansion plans to put a family room on the back of the house and firmly told me that wasn’t the best placement; that the dining room needed to be expanded into the existing kitchen and the kitchen needed to be in the new expansion. “What?!” I ask vehemently. I try to keep the integrity of the original whenever possible, and now she’s telling me I have to completely rearrange the interior of my home in order to expand. Good freaking grief!! That is a much more expensive proposition than simply adding a new living area on the back of the house. Not to mention, that the new layout does not in anyway meet my vision of how the space will look. Now I’m going to have a small family room right next to the living room where the tiny kitchen is currently located. Blah!! Who cares if the TV room is in the discord section of my home?!! TV is discord, right? It fits perfectly! Maria, the designer, said I needed time to digest; that they weren’t going to get much movement out of me today. Ha!

I really should have known that the good news would be balanced by the bad news. Hannah is always reminding me about the need for balance. I struggled mightily for balance at my dad’s house. You can really feel the difference when your home really matches you. My homework: to work on the feng shui corrections Hannah provided….and maybe, consider rearranging my house.

Part 1

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I thought I’d share my experience at going through Hannah’s feng shui process to help others understand the process and how it can impact one’s life. I was surprised to learn after my first feng shui experience that I was Hannah’s only client who had completed everything she suggested. Well, perhaps, I’m not so surprised. My first feng shui experience resulted in me getting kicked out of my dad’s house just when I had finally been able to make myself somewhat comfortable there. However, in retrospect, that was just the kick in the pants I needed to find a home that my son and I could call our own; a home unrestricted by my dad’s particular tastes in colors and limits on personal effects outside of our bedrooms. I was also trying to make room in my heart and space for a partner. This is where I learned that specificity in your intentions is critical. After going through the process, I managed to find a live-in nanny, a live-in chef, and two business partners. I guess I forgot to specify the boyfriend kind of partner! After having gone through a somewhat truncated process in my dad’s home, I decided to do the whole process from beginning to end with my new home. My first visit with Hannah was pretty quick and uneventful. She walked around the whole outside and inside and took some measurements. At this point, her only suggestion was that I wash the walls with salt water. “Really?!” I thought. Good grief, even for a house that is only a 1000 sq ft., I thought there are a lot of walls. But, given the “success” of my last experience, I was determined to do exactly what she said. So, I made a mixture of sea salt, vinegar (to clean the dirt) and lavender and I washed from ceiling to floor. I started with the hallway, which seemed less daunting than a whole room. When I finished the hallway, everything smelled good and my son commented on how clean it looked. (A 10-year old commenting on cleanliness! Who knew that was possible!) What was interesting is that I really got to know every nook and cranny of my house; where the trim was damaged, where the doors didn’t quite close, etc. The process was quite the bonding experience to our new home. On a side note, we inherited chickens with our new home and one night, we were out late and the chickens couldn’t access their coop, so they roosted for the night among the many shrubs and trees. I barreled through the shrubs and found six of the seven chickens. Somehow, I managed to get poison oak, which turned my face, neck and arms into a mass of rashes. Hannah says this is the universe telling me I need to just stay home. Hmmm….