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Part 1

Posted by Yoga Living Center on January 19, 2014 at 2:45 PM


I thought I’d share my experience at going through Hannah’s feng shui process to help others understand the process and how it can impact one’s life. I was surprised to learn after my first feng shui experience that I was Hannah’s only client who had completed everything she suggested. Well, perhaps, I’m not so surprised. My first feng shui experience resulted in me getting kicked out of my dad’s house just when I had finally been able to make myself somewhat comfortable there. However, in retrospect, that was just the kick in the pants I needed to find a home that my son and I could call our own; a home unrestricted by my dad’s particular tastes in colors and limits on personal effects outside of our bedrooms. I was also trying to make room in my heart and space for a partner. This is where I learned that specificity in your intentions is critical. After going through the process, I managed to find a live-in nanny, a live-in chef, and two business partners. I guess I forgot to specify the boyfriend kind of partner! After having gone through a somewhat truncated process in my dad’s home, I decided to do the whole process from beginning to end with my new home. My first visit with Hannah was pretty quick and uneventful. She walked around the whole outside and inside and took some measurements. At this point, her only suggestion was that I wash the walls with salt water. “Really?!” I thought. Good grief, even for a house that is only a 1000 sq ft., I thought there are a lot of walls. But, given the “success” of my last experience, I was determined to do exactly what she said. So, I made a mixture of sea salt, vinegar (to clean the dirt) and lavender and I washed from ceiling to floor. I started with the hallway, which seemed less daunting than a whole room. When I finished the hallway, everything smelled good and my son commented on how clean it looked. (A 10-year old commenting on cleanliness! Who knew that was possible!) What was interesting is that I really got to know every nook and cranny of my house; where the trim was damaged, where the doors didn’t quite close, etc. The process was quite the bonding experience to our new home. On a side note, we inherited chickens with our new home and one night, we were out late and the chickens couldn’t access their coop, so they roosted for the night among the many shrubs and trees. I barreled through the shrubs and found six of the seven chickens. Somehow, I managed to get poison oak, which turned my face, neck and arms into a mass of rashes. Hannah says this is the universe telling me I need to just stay home. Hmmm….

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