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Part 2

Posted by Yoga Living Center on February 12, 2014 at 2:10 PM

Although still blotchy red from the poison oak, my son and I are settling into our new home. It seemed a great time to go over Hannah’s full report on our home. She said the good news is that my new house matches me very well. I’m an East 4 person (since I was born in 1968) and my house is an East 4 house (since it was born in 1941). Yea! Don’t try to do the math; just trust Hannah. My yards and the house have a good balance of yin and yang, although the house is very close to the street (but there are landscaping cures for that!). In addition, the auspicious areas of my house are all in the right places on the property with the exception of health; however, the very large, 100-year old deodar cedar located at the back of my home cures that. My desk is in my clear thinking corner; the bathroom is in the accidents area, which allows that negative energy to flow away; even the current colors of the rooms are mostly correct, although they are all a bit dated for my taste. She noted that I would need to get rid of all the clutter in the entryway. What clutter? All my bags, coats and stuff are not just random clutter! Humph. I was surprised, because the last time I went through this process there wasn’t a single supported aspect of my life in my dad’s house.

I’ll discuss that process a bit more since this house matches me so well and I have little to do. There was one major disconnect. Hannah looked at my expansion plans to put a family room on the back of the house and firmly told me that wasn’t the best placement; that the dining room needed to be expanded into the existing kitchen and the kitchen needed to be in the new expansion. “What?!” I ask vehemently. I try to keep the integrity of the original whenever possible, and now she’s telling me I have to completely rearrange the interior of my home in order to expand. Good freaking grief!! That is a much more expensive proposition than simply adding a new living area on the back of the house. Not to mention, that the new layout does not in anyway meet my vision of how the space will look. Now I’m going to have a small family room right next to the living room where the tiny kitchen is currently located. Blah!! Who cares if the TV room is in the discord section of my home?!! TV is discord, right? It fits perfectly! Maria, the designer, said I needed time to digest; that they weren’t going to get much movement out of me today. Ha!

I really should have known that the good news would be balanced by the bad news. Hannah is always reminding me about the need for balance. I struggled mightily for balance at my dad’s house. You can really feel the difference when your home really matches you. My homework: to work on the feng shui corrections Hannah provided….and maybe, consider rearranging my house.

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Reply Hannah Holland
2:28 PM on February 12, 2014 
Alana is still in the design stage of a remodel of her home. The new layout I suggested takes into account Alana's desire to have a larger more functional kitchen, while placing the family room (a place where they will spend a great deal of time) in a position that gives everyone access to supportive energy.