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What is Feng Shui?
Simply put, Feng Shui is living balance. First utilized by the Chinese Imperial Court over 3,000 years ago, Feng Shui reveals how the energies of a given space interact with one another. To have good Feng Shui meant that there was a presence of a gentle wind and clear water. Gentle wind assured a bountiful harvest and clear water meant good health. This meaning most likely lead to the literal translation of Feng Shui as "wind water".

The timelessness of Feng Shui as a system for achieving balance is evident by its continued relevance today. Who can say that their life is truly balanced? Unfortunately not too many people have this good fortune. In Feng Shui terms, fortune however is not something that is randomly given to a selected few. Using the methods of the ancients, that is, adhering to the natural laws of heaven and earth, it is possible to come into balance and create good fortune. Feng Shui understands that everything contain chi. In our world there are three basic expressions of chi that come together to form the foundation of our existence. The 3 types of chi are heavenly chi, earthly chi and human chi. When these energies are is balance there is said to be a copulation of yin and yang, or balance. Where there is balance there is fortune. Where there is imbalance there is misfortune.

Why Feng Shui?
Achieving balance in our life may sound simple, but in practice we know that it is not. It is said that in any moment there are 10,000 energies interacting. This makes the task of balancing quite challenging. Our living environments are a reflection of our inner world and in Feng Shui terms, a road map of the myriad of energies affecting us. By looking at the relationships interacting in our home or office, it is possible to enhance the good qualities (auspicious) and resolve or downplay the problematic qualities (inauspicious). Amazingly, by affecting our outer world, our inner world is affected. Physical illness or relationships problems receive the support they need from the environment and in turn we become more supported. Our life becomes more balanced, and we become more fortunate.

Just like a doctor diagnosing an illness, diagnosing the energies of a home or office can be complex and multilayered. A certified Feng Shui Practioner is studied and trained in the energy arts and is able to pinpoint problems and offer solutions effectively and efficiently. It is very difficult to diagnose and treat your own space because you are deeply steeped in the conversation of the space. It is very challenging to separate yourself and experience the space from a neutral space. A third party can be an invaluable advisor, and a good relationship with a Feng Shui Practioner can last a lifetime.

Services Offered
We are trained in the traditional school of Feng Shui and offer the following services at this time:
  • Compas School Feng Shui using the Lopan
  • Form School Feng Shui
  • 4 Pillars Astrology
  • Space Clearings
  • New Home or Business Blessings
  • Ground Breaking Ceremonies
Feng Shui in Action
Click here to read our blog and follow Alana's Journey, One Woman's Transformational Process. Observe our integrative approach in action and witness the lasting impact of Feng Shui.

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